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European Public Domain Map

Consumers of content in principle have the right to use works which are in the public domain without permission and with no copyright restrictions. In practice however determining if a work has passed into the public domain can often prove difficult. This is especially true when attempting to determine the public domain status of content in multiple jurisdictions. 

Download the European Public Domain Map and learn if any work is or not under public domain.


Please note that the European Public Domain Map reflect the state of the law in the featured jurisdictions only up until May 2011.

They do not reflect subsequent changes in the law. In particular, they have not been updated to take account of the amendments introduced to the EU's Directive 2006/116/EC (Term Directive) by Directive 2011/77/EU (Term Extension Directive) and corresponding changes to national rules by implementing legislation.
It should be noted that the calculators are released under a CC-BY-SA license. Users wishing to update the calculators are invited to do so under the terms of this license.

The European Public Domain Map is not intended to replace the case-by-case assessment by a legal expert of the public domain status of a copyrighted work or other protected subject matter. For legal certainty as to whether the term of protection of copyright or related rights has expired please contact a legal professional.
The Public Domain Calculator is intended to provide the public domain status of examined material exclusively in the selected jurisdiction. Where an EU Member State has overseas or other special-status territories, the national Calculators are applicable only to the extent that the territory is subject to the Member State's copyright legislation. Please note that the public domain status of subject matter may differ between jurisdictions.

In relation to neighbouring or related rights (i.e. rights over performances, phonograms, the first fixation of a film and broadcast), the Public Domain Calculator only applies when at least one of the right-holders is a national of an EEA state, with the exception of Switzerland, where the Public Domain Calculator only applies when at least one of the right-holders is a Swiss national. The same is true for films where protection is sought in the UK, Cyprus and Ireland.
The Public Domain Calculator does not cover questions of authors' or performers' moral rights.

Source: http://www.outofcopyright.eu/

Licence: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/nl/


Last modified on Miércoles, 03 Septiembre 2014 17:20
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