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New rules on music copyright approved by Parliament on Tuesday aim to make it easier for online providers to get licences to stream music in more than one EU country. The law, already informally agreed with Council, should stimulate the development of EU-wide online music services for consumers and ensure that artists' rights are better protected and that they receive adequate royalties promptly

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CC BY LifeSupercharger - http://goo.gl/aqfzKdDigital Media Rights is a private registry of intellectual property specialized in creations in digital format, where musicians and producers can register their works and thus count on strong proof of original authorship with legal validity in 164 countries.

When registering your musical work in Digital Media Rights, musicians, authors and performers receive a digital certificate which, by an inviolable time stamp, certifies the date of creation or original interpretation, able to be used in any type of litigation as a result of plagiarism or unauthorized use of his work.

How to obtain your certificate of authorship?

Step 1: SingUp in DMRights.com (It is free and you can certify digital works for no cost up to 200 MB of space)
Step 2: Select the type of work to certify: Musical score, creation with or without lyrics, musical recording, or others…
Step 3: Upload the file that contains your work in MP3, PDF, DOC, etc.
Step 4: Select your desired copyright license; All rights reserved, Creative Commons, etc.

In a few seconds and completely one, our registration system will return you the copyright certificate, recognizing your rights over the work.
Registration of copyright for musical creations.

how we protect your music creationsHow does it work?

In accordance with existing international law, there is no obligation to register the artistic works in state intellectual property registries for the rights of any author to be recognized.

In this regard and in any conflict by plagiarism or illegal use by third parties of your creations, as the original author of the work, you must always provide a proof of your creation in a point in time. This “moment in time” is the most valued detail by judges or legal mediators. The certificates of Digital Media Rights incorporate a digital and in violable time stamp, giving faith to the moment at which the certification of the work is realized on its behalf.

Also Digital Media Rights allows you to certify different versions or variations of your creations thereby obtaining complete protection of your work. The content of the certified works in Digital Media Rights is considered confidential and as such is not accessible to the public.

What is the protection period of my copyrights?

With few exceptions, the recognition of copyright over a work extends throughout the life of the author and 75 additional years after his death.


  • Register all of your musical creations in the same moment as their creation. This permits you to obtain a certified proof of your work before anybody listens to it.
  • Register scores, MIDIs, tracks, samples, lyrics, etc. independently.
  • It is not necessary wait to have the final version of your composition to carry out the registration.
  • When you distribute your work, include a mention of the registration made in Digital Media Rights. This information is an important deterrent against plagiarism and piracy.
  • Include the stamp ℗ on all of your sound recordings referencing the year of creation and the author or owner of the creation’s rights, for example: ℗ 2013 – John Doe – All rights reserved.

The symbol ℗ represents the reserve of copyrights over a recording; and is an abbreviation of the Word “phonograph” or phonographic record. This symbol references the sound recording and it is very common to see it printed on the back covers of disks. The symbol ℗ is equivalent to ©, using the latter references copyright which protects intellectual works like lyrics and music of a song (written), books, dramatic arts, cinematographic and audiovisual works; drawings, paintings; computer programs, etc.

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