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Monday, 05 May 2014 14:07

Copyright of Documents

Digital Media Rights Copy

It is estimated that currently over 40% of all content published on the Internet are unauthorized copies of original publications. This figure includes a significantly large number of documents, papers and information generated by literary authors, companies, professionals, artists, etc..

Is not only an act of misappropriation that someone uses your document without permission, but it also often happens that another person or firm is making an economic benefit without the original author even knowing.

On the other hand it is important to remember that the vast amount of documentation, Excel spreadsheets, reports, procedures, etc.. that companies make available to their employees are one of the most important business assets. The fact that a company does not have a legal proof that of real owner of the know-how involves billions of dollars lost worldwide.Think of the ease with which an employee today can take the thousands of documents and confidential information on a pen-drive home or to their new job.

How does it work?

DMRights.com provides you with irrefutable and non-repudiable legal proof issued by a third party or independent witness by digitally recording their content and including an inviolable timestamp while allowing you to demonstrate the existence of the publication as well as its date of creation and registration.

Once the existence of your original content is certified, you can download the digital certification of each of your documents from our client application.

Certification of a digital document on DMRights.com is carried out easily and completely on-line simply by uploading the file to our certification tool, and in just a few seconds you can download your digital certificate including all registration data and, information relating to the original content.

Our certificates of authorship have international legal validity under the Berne Convention, a convention promoted by the World Intellectual Property Organization and it has been endorsed by the World Organization of United Nations and more than 160 countries.

Depending on your country of residence, the ditial certifications of Digital Rights Media will allow you to prove the ownership of your publications for a term of between 50 years and life of the original author.
Digital Media Rights has experience in protection, registration and certification of all types of professional documentation and at present has clients in more than 80 countries.

How much does it cost?

DMRights.com rates are designed depending on the volume in megabytes of the amount of documentation you need to certify. In this way you can adjust your budget in an easy, economical and expandable way depending on your needs.

You can start using our services for free. At the time of its registration as a customer of DMRights.com, you are allowed to certify up to 200 MB at no cost to you. 

  • DOC Rights Starter

  • $0,00


  • 200 Mb
  • Ampliable 
  • Multi-versión 
  • Etiquetas de registro
  • Informes estandar
  • Help desk
  • DOC Rights Pro

  • $79,90


  • 5 Gb
  • Ampliable 
  • Multi-Versión
  • Etiquetas de registro
  • Informes estandar
  • Help desk
  • DOC Rights Extend

  • $129,50


  • 10 Gb
  • Ampliable
  • Multi-Versión
  • Etiquetas de registro
  • Informes personalizados
  • Help desk ampliado


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