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Monday, 05 May 2014 15:28

For Artistic Creations

The protection of intellectual property not only affects the text and content published on the Internet.

If you are a liberal professional, photographer, graphic designer, literary writer, software developer, etc.. we are sure that at some time you have had a problem because someone has illegally used some of your creations.

As an independent witness, Digital Media Rights allows you to certify legally non-repudiably the existence and authorship of your work. Please note that depending on your country of residence, the rights concerning your work extend for 50 years until death, and in most cases your legal heirs have rights to you work for a period not less than 50 years.

Always record your creations. It's the only proof you have to certify your ownership and do not wait to find a copy or plagiarism. Then it will be too late.

To obtain legal proof with DMRights.com, you must simply upload a copy of your work in digital format to our OnLine application.

You can start using our services for free. At the time of your registration as a customer of DMRights.com, you are allowed to certify up to 200 MB at no cost to you.

Remember that your intellectual property is at risk if you do not take the proper steps before publishing.

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Thursday, 23 January 2014 22:42

Digital Copyright Certificates


Publish and distribute your digital content on the Internet safely by having a digitally signed proof of authorship by a trusted third party with an electronic time stamp that credits you as the original author.

The intellectual property registration of Digital Media Rights offers inscriptions with probative value to their clients, including a digital signature and digital timestamp at the level of milliseconds with reference to GMT, which allows the linking of a user’s identification as the owner of the rights of a determined content at a determined moment in time.

Our certificates of inscription can be used in any process in order to demonstrate that a work is the property of who says they are the author, and in this way obtain a favorable resolution for our clients.

In virtue of the Bern Convention, ratified by more than 160 countries, authors are not obliged to register their creations in any registry, however, they always must demonstrate their authorship to claim moral and patrimonial rights before a situation of illicit use of the original work.  This is achieved in a quick and simple way through Digital Media Rights, thanks to our innovative technology of simple and automatic implantation.

Digital Media Rights takes no position in favor or against any of the implied parts in a process. Digital Media Rights is a witness that acts in accordance with international legislation like a third party in good faith, contributing a probative documental model of authorship for any work at a given moment in time. (The date on which registration occurs.)

Our service is the only one in which in a single electronic document (copyright certificate), combines the following elements:

  • Description of the creation and ownership
  • License for third party use (compatible with Creative Commons licenses)
  • Texts (published content) 
  • Images (logos, photos, graphs, etc.)
  • Design (accurate picture of any webpage)
  • Digital signature (DMRights acts as a third party in good faith)
  • Time-stamping (Performed by a third party entity external to DMRights, giving proof of the date of creation)
  • Custody (safe storage and consultation availability of published content years later)
  • Recertification (updates to the published content are periodically reregistered)

Download example of website certificate: PDF 317 Kb
Download example of document certificate: PDF 289 Kb

Digital Media Rights introduces a simple and efficient solution to the market as a response to a widespread demand from digital content editors regarding the protection of Intellectual Property.

Try our services for free to register uo to 25 web pages and 200 Mb for digital files as pictures, documents, literary works, music, etc.

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